L&D Lockport Branch, CSX New Orleans – 11 May 2007

by admin on 2017/05/11

On Friday 11 May 2007, I made what appears to be my second-to-last set of photographs of a railroad delivery to Valentine Paper, a paper finishing plant that closed in December 2007, on the Lockport Branch of the former Southern Pacific Railway.

The first thing to do is to shove this seemingly lost carbon black hopper car at the beginning of the branch out of the way.

That those carbon black hopper cars are iconic of the Louisiana & Delta Railroad but not of the Lockport Branch is an interesting thing indeed.

The weather for today’s run would be quite grey.

This is my home; this is what I have always known; it doesn’t make sense to me, but nothing will ever make more sense to me.

I guess, as I type this, I feel a sense of finality, in general, with these pictures, and with what they mean, whatever it is that they mean.

I had, for years, photographed the Lockport Branch with the idea that it would someday be gone; within six months of these images being made, Valentine Paper announced its closure, its final closure.  Perhaps I sensed it, but, of course, I was always sensing it.

The 1508, which has since been scrapped, has grabbed the three loaded boxcars bound for the paper plant.

Here’s my classic view at the Old Spanish Trail.

Now, we’re at Mathews, and that’s the Highway 90 overpass in the background.

Yeah, I’m not good at the color correction here.

This is the land along Bayou Lafourche; this is home.

Now, we’re at Gheens Road, where I rarely photographed after going digital.

That convenience store and gasoline station was new at the time, as was that bridge over the bayou.

This next trio of images is my favorite from this set, probably because it was the only time that I could get images of sprayers working with a moving train in the picture.

We’re at McCloud Road, a weird place, and here are the sprayers.

I want to be a farmer; it’s too bad that the family farmland was sold before I was born.

Now, for our last two Lockport Branch images for today, we’re at Myrtle Drive.

Finally, here is a going-away shot.

Apparently, at this point, I broke off of the chase.  I find it odd that I didn’t attempt to chase the return train back north.  Maybe it was a lighting issue, because maybe the sun came out.  I don’t know.

In any case, hours later, I’m back in Whoadieville, and shooting the CSX’s daily transfer run to the Canadian National Railway crossing Canal Boulevard on its way back to the CSX yard.

That is, as best as I can tell, the only time that I did this shot from the eastern side of the north side of the tracks at Canal Boulevard.  It also might be the only time that I saw one of those little old GEs on this train.

Next, we see the same train approaching St. Bernard Avenue.

Next, I went back in the other direction, probably to go and do some retailing along Clearview, and I shot this dusk image at the Kansas City Southern Railway Yard.

That’s all.

Thank you.


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