Amtrak and CSX in New Orleans – 12 April 2007

by admin on 2017/04/12

What do I do now?  I refuse to get robbed by an employer, but such is the awfulness of the world in which we live, made unjust simply by the fact that it is no longer necessary.  Nobody should have to experience such stupidity anymore.  The remaining paid jobs that still require human beings to do them should compete for us, not us for them.

Anyway, again, what do I do now?  This, apparently.

We’re at City Park, and this is Amtrak’s northbound Crescent on the NS Back Belt along with what looks like another train on the other mainline with some human beings in hard hats next to it.

Well, what do I do now?  My family sold all of the farmland before I was born, and we still force people dispossessed from land to do tricks for money to survive.  Living on your principles is tough, as we learned from the life and death of The Shadow Warrior.

Anyway, nearly 11 hours later, I’m in the East, photographing an eastbound CSX train on CSX rails, probably the only time that I have ever done this shot.

You can see why it’s the only time that I have ever done this shot.  You can also see how many rail miles we are from Louisville, Kentucky.

That’s all for now.  Things will get more interesting again later this month.


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