NOPB and KCS – 7 April 2007

by admin on 2017/04/07

Six days after my last pictures, which, too, were of the KCS yard in Metairie, I’m back there on Saturday 07 April 2007, right as things in the professional world were falling apart.

The first thing that we see is a New Orleans Public Belt Railroad job entering the yard from the south.

The next thing that we see is some static KCS stuff.

And, really, it’s also the last thing we see, since this cropped view of the above image is the last of this brief article.

That’s all.  I was being robbed at the time, and, while others would have tolerated it, I, in the spirit of The Shadow Warrior and the way that he turned down a commission in the Marine Corps and didn’t follow up on BNSF’s rejection, did not.

It need not be that way, though, and, especially in a world of so much abundance and in which someone like myself wants to do so much non-paid work like the type that you see on this publication, there is a better way.

That’s all for the train pictures on this day, but I’d head back to the homeland to see Guido Sarducci that night and be with the family for Easter the next day, including seeing my dear grandmother.

I’ll see you next week, after things fell apart.


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