NOPB and KCS at Southport and the ACofE – 24 March 2007

by admin on 2017/03/24

It’s another weekend in 2007, and I’m yet again by the track with a camera.  Are you getting tired of this yet?  Look, thankfully, this Saturday-Sunday set won’t be as big or intense as last week’s Saturday-Sunday set, but, if you missed that set, you must check it out!

Our pictures on this morning of Saturday 24 March 2007 span less than two hours along the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad.  We start at the parish line with an NOPB job heading upriver  at Eagle Street.

At one time, there were a few more tracks at the left, tracks that the Illinois Central Railroad and the Kansas City Southern Railway used to access the port.

Let’s get a close, cropped view of that image, pulling in the US Army Corps of Engineers building in the background.

Now that we see it crossing River Road, it looks like what is happening is that the 2002 left Cotton Warehouse Yard with two trains in one and is now going to deliver the first cut.

Let’s have a look in the other direction once the train is fully into Jefferson Parish.

Let’s look up Monticello Avenue.

I’m not sure, but I think that the parish line is the center line of the street.

El Chico de Norco must have must have alerted me to the military train’s presence, because, an hour later, back at this location, looking back along the track in Jefferson Parish, we see this.

As The Shadow Warrior told me when he saw some of these pictures when I e-mailed some to friends shortly after taking them, that Geep is strange power for a military train.

I explained that, on this day, this train was basically functioning as the daily KCS-NOPB-CSX interchange, meaning that CSX needed to have the little locomotive to send back to KCS the next run with the day’s interchange traffic, meaning that the second and third locomotives – six-axle locomotives – would continue on with the train.

This is KCS train S-FPNO from Fort Polk.

It looks like I’m spending all morning at Monticello Avenue, but that won’t last for long.

Let’s get a cropped view of that so that we can see El Chico De Norco in the conductor’s seat.

Let’s get some shots of the equipment before the end of the train passes and we try to get ahead of it.

Next, the train was apparently short enough, and I was apparently maniacal enough, to get ahead of it quick enough for me to get this shot at Dante Street.

I had one more chance to get ahead of the train before it got to the port area, and, while racing to the next shot, I got a telephone call to “take a picture of the m********r sleeping” in one of the trailing locomotives.  No, I won’t post that here, but here are our last two images, two views from in front of the Army Corps of Engineers building.

Well, that was fun.

Thanks for checking this out.  We’ll see you tomorrow with some more NOPB stuff.


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1 Charlie Kilbourne March 24, 2017 at 08:46

Fine photography, Jim


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