NS Bernadotte Line and KCS Yard – 18 March 2007

by admin on 2017/03/18

Wow!  What a heck of a day St. Patrick’s Day 2007 was!  If you missed that article, then you’ll need to check it out if you wish to get the background on today’s article!

We’re still in Mid-City, still checking out this beauty of activity on the NS Bernadotte Line.  At the very end of the last post, it appeared that the locomotive broke off from the two boxcars but then stopped before going past the switch.  Now, just after midnight, we see the locomotive moving forward to get past the switch so that it can run around the boxcars.

Now, the locomotive is just past the switch, and you can see part of the front façade of Masonry Products behind stacks of bricks.

Also in that image, you can see the current end of the Bernadotte Line, basically where the locomotive sits; it was fewer than a decade prior that the line continue almost to Broad Street to serve a beer distributor there.

Now, the run around begins.

The locomotive must stop so that the conductor can close the switch.

I love those high-nosed locomotives, and this is the second time this month that I have the great pleasure and the fortune to see and photograph the Bernadotte Line being served by a high nosed locomotive at night, the prior time being almost exactly two weeks before.

Now, the coupling to the other end of the train is to be made.

Check out the lantern!

Now, you see the conductor and the lantern!

I’m so glad that I skipped the stupidity that I was doing earlier to do this instead!

Now, after pulling back to the brickyard track, the train is serving the brickyard.

Yes, that’s the skyline of downtown New Orleans in the background.

I wonder if this is the night that some NOPD officers showed up to inquire what I was doing.  I don’t know, but, after this, I went home and got some needed sleep.

About 11 hours later, I was just outside of the city, in Metairie, seeing some action at the KCS yard.

Check out those loaded poles; I wonder from where they come and to where they go.

That’s all of the “action” that we’d see today, but we’ll see a few static shots by the yard.

Once again, I miss when the KCS looked like this.  Five years to the day later and not far from this location, I got some images of the more modern looking KCS in New Orleans.

As I look back a decade later (as I type this story), I am very inclined to think that all of this time and energy that I spent by the track with a camera was wasted, but I think that at least part of my motivation was the sense that this neat, decades-old look of railroad was soon to fade.

I suppose that some of these locomotives are for the Baton Rouge Turn.

Well, let’s get one more shot before we leave.

Okay, that’s all.  What a weekend this was!  I have no recollection of what I did on this Sunday afternoon, but that’s okay.

Stay tuned for what happened on the next weekend in 2007.


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