A Rail-Grinder And The 141 When It Still Went Straight To Mays Yard – 15 March 2007

by admin on 2017/03/15

‘Twas the ides of March, and, “after work,” I, for some obsessive reason, went to CSX’s Gentilly Yard in New Orleans where I saw a rail grinder train.

A rail-grinder train does just that: grinds the rails.  Its purpose is to reshape the rails for optimal train use and handling.

Check out that Illinois Central Railroad boxcar with paper; it appears to be bad-ordered.

Here comes a train.

As I was leaving, I heard Big Al talking to the inbound NS train 141, telling it that it had a clear signal all the way to East Bridge Junction and to call East Bridge Tower when it passed Marconi.  Back in those days, Norfolk Southern Railway train 141 was a solid CN interchange train and would arrive in New Orleans, bypass NS Oliver Yard, and go straight to CN’s Mays Yard.

This practice soon ended, and the train would then terminate in Oliver Yard, eventually being comprised of CN, KCS, and BNSF interchange traffic.  Much more recently, in 2015, the 141 has become NS’s BNSF interchange train, setting out the CN and KCS traffic in the yard and picking up the local outbound BNSF-bound traffic, with a BNSF crew getting on the train on the Back Belt.

For now, though, we’re photographing the 141 at East City Junction back when it was a solid CN-bound interchange train.

It was neat while it lasted.  Oh, and how about that birdie?

I had a strange pride in photographing this last shot, as I was able to catch the light hitting the locomotives as they turned into the curve going toward I-10.

I have to be good at something, and it might as well be something that doesn’t earn me any money.  Oh, well.  I’ll see you in a couple of days with a colossal-sized St. Patrick’s Day essay, full both of pictures of trains and pictures of the parade festivities in town.  You’ve been warned.

Take care.


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1 Steve Boyko March 15, 2017 at 08:02

I like those last “glint” shots!


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