Amtrak, KCS, and Crankiness – 10 March 2007

by admin on 2017/03/10

It’s another Saturday morning in 2007, and Jimbaux is again getting up to photograph the outbound Crescent because he is apparently incapable of organizing his own weekend schedule himself, but it gets worse.

That night, I sent an e-mail along with some processed pictures from this day to some friends.  I shall share some excerpts from that message here.

Usually, as some of you remember, April is the month that makes me really cranky.  I guess it’s the onset of warmer weather, though this year, for some strange reason, I’m almost looking forward to it, though all too soon, I’ll be bitching about the heat.

This year, however, I’m pissed off now — in March.  No, Walt, I’m not about to kill myself, if that’s what you’re thinking; so settle down, dude.

We’re in the last few hours of normal time.  Have I ever told you how much I truly hate daylight saving time?  I can think of nothing else that insults the entirety of humanity as does daylight saving time, and this year, it’s coming a few weeks earlier, thanks to the fact that the jerkwads in Congress had nothing better to do a few years ago.

It hasn’t helped that dust allergies have kept me down most of the week.  I slept about 12 hours last night, and I awoke just in time to get out the door and go scope out a shot of this morning’s northbound Crescent.  Said train can be seen in picture #1.  I usually try to shoot the Crescent on weekends, and this morning was no exception.  I’ve been scoping out different shots of it here in New Orleans, and I did a shot this morning that I’ve never done.

Here, the 20 can be seen splitting the signals by the LSU Dental School on the NS’s Back Belt line at 07:32.  That’s the Wisner Boulevard overpass in the back.

This wasn’t the only such picture message that I would send to my friends in those days, and those photo essays were the inspiration for Jimbaux’s Journal.

I would go on to say that one day I was going to be courageous – or foolish – enough to climb that overpass to get some pictures but that today was not that day and nor would the next day be, since the train would be running an hour earlier due to that stupid time change foolishness.  How insulting?  Where is your indignation?

I hadn’t remembered that I had yet to shoot off of that overpass which in 2016-2017 is being replaced.

Anyway, here’s a look in the other direction of the train moving across St. Bernard Avenue, showing that there is a private car on the rear.

Well, that was fun, I guess.  As I wrote that night.

I went into work for a few hours to get some stuff done.  I left about 12:00 and went to KCS’s West Yard in Metairie.  I happened upon the yard job parked on the west leg of the wye.  Methought he was preparing to cross the IC to head to the NOPB (and ultimately the CSX.)

That means this.

A train parked here almost certainly means that it is heading to the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad.

The road at the left is L&A Road, named for KCS predecessor Louisiana & Arkansas Railway.

I apologize if I am being repetitive here.

Well, there would be no movement to the NOPB, at least not yet, not while I was here.  As I wrote that night . . .

However, things were not what they seemed.  The crew detrained and headed over to a trio of SD40s that were parked at the engine house, got on them, and proceeded to work the eastern throat of the yard.

That means this.

I miss these old things.

As I continued in my message that night.

Of note, trainwise, is the presence of the KCS 600.  When PPA and I were headed south from the Frozen Weeds gathering two weekends ago, we heard this guy get permission to head north from DeQueen, Arkansas.  I sent a text-message to the Shadow Warrior, who was still holed-up somewhere on the mountain, alerting him of what was coming his way.

Here’s a neat view with the road in the foreground.

That’s nice, but there is something about this last shot that struck me, and I can’t describe what it is.  Maybe you can.



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1 Charlie Kilbourne March 10, 2017 at 08:32

I liked especially the panoramic yard scene for the last photo.


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