Bernadotte Line – 4 March 2007

by admin on 2017/03/04

I suppose that the horns awakened and-or alerted me at around midnight.

I suppose, too, that I by then knew that the Bernadotte Line was usually served on a Sunday or the wee hours of Monday.

The train is coming to serve Masonry Products, the only remaining customer on this once busy urban branchline.

And, look, we have a high-nosed locomotive!

Some of the better images that I have taken on the Bernadotte Line were made on this night.

Do you see the skyline of downtown New Orleans in the above image?

It shall become more distinct in other images in this set.

Imagine streamlined passenger trains passing on this track.

It happened; both the Southern’s Crescent and the GM&O’s Rebel trains used this line, and it might be a safe bet that it was those same exact rails.

In these images, the locomotive is running around the two loaded boxcars of bricks that it will have to spot.

Now, the runaround has been complete, and the above image is one of my favorite images that I have taken!

All of this means so much more than the pictures that I took five years to the day later or even the pictures that I took the day before.

Now, it’s time to spot the cars, and it will be difficult to photograph this without headlight blob.

Well, we must pull the empty cars, too.

Let’s get a close shot of the 5073′s bell.

Now, it’s time to return to the brickyard.

The boxcar at right is the one that was pulled earlier.

Now, with the two loaded boxcars spotted and the gate closed, it’s time to grab the one empty car to prepare to depart.

That, too, is one of my favorite images that I have taken on the Bernadotte Line, and the high-nosed locomotive is a big plus.

Now, the train pulls up and then stops to close the switch for that storage track.

Note the difference in the below picture with the locomotive headlight off!

Let’s get a matter-of-fact shot before getting some more goodies.

Now, we’re setting up the departure shots, and these next and last two images are also some of my favorite Bernadotte Line images.

I like that.  And I like this, too.

That’s it.  Good night.  It’s now 01:17 and time for me to get back to bed.


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1 Steve Boyko March 4, 2017 at 09:06

I like that closeup of the bell!


2 Charlie Kilbourne March 5, 2017 at 06:05

You have a comfortable feeling for night shooting … well done. Charlie


3 bob March 10, 2017 at 17:30

Nice work. Railroading has a more intimate feel at night and you’ve captured that well.


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