Trains, Work, And Flowers – 3 March 2007

by admin on 2017/03/03

After a photographically bountiful weekend on Rich Mountain which followed a photographically bountiful weekend in southeastern Louisiana (which can be seen in the February 2017 archives, which, for all practical purposes, are the February 2007 archives, even though this site didn’t exist back then), I was, on Saturday 3 March 2007, back to taking pictures.

I started with that morning’s outbound Crescent as it left the NOUPT track onto the NS Back Belt.

That pipe is interesting.

Well, let’s get a going-away shot.

Now, it’s time to go to work.

I miss those hombres.

Those were good times.

Back by the track, we see a job switching at the southern (eastern) throat of the Kansas City Southern Railway yard.

We’re in the city of New Orleans here, but most of what you see in this picture, including the yard tower that was razed in 2010, is in Jefferson Parish.  That ratty track has since been improved, and it is nothing more than a yard lead that was once part of KCS’s mainline into New Orleans; today, a portion of the lead is the only track that KCS owns inside the city of New Orleans.

The track at left is the NOUPT western connection, and it’s about the newest railroad  in New Orleans, having been built in the early 1950s.

The welders are working on the Amtrak line.

Let’s see what is parked at the KCS yard.

That’s interesting, though it’s nothing compared to last weekend’s show on the mountain.

Let’s take it back to Mid-City.

Spring is almost here.

And, of course, being at the 30th parallel, in terms of vegetation, spring comes a bit earlier for us than it does for you “heartland” folks.

I guess that that is enough.

Oh, here’s a dog.

That was okay, but I think that, railroad-wise, at least, the shots that I got five years to the day later are better.

I’ll see you tomorrow – in a few hours, actually – with some interesting nocturnal Mid-City railroad activity!



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1 Howard Bingham March 4, 2017 at 02:49

Tha stick rail on the KCS yard sure looks iffy, or is it the effect of a long lens on your camera..?
Howard Bingham 8-)


2 Charlie Kilbourne March 5, 2017 at 05:59

Shot no. 2 looks like a fav. here, Jim. Pipe load helps, too. Charlie


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