CSX in New Orleans – 4 February 2007

by admin on 2017/02/04

Here are six pictures taken of railroad scenes in New Orleans on Sunday 4 February 2007.

I actually don’t know where that first picture was taken (it could be the CSX yard or could be an NOPB yard), but I know where the remainder were taken.

As always, caption information can be found in the filenames, which can be read by positioning your mouse arrow over the image.

It looks like there might have been a crew swap here at Marconi.

This appears to be the eastbound K-train (before it became the Z-train sometime about 2009ish) meeting a westbound CSX-to-UP manifest train.

So, probably, either a CSX yard crew got off of the westbound train and got on the eastbound train, a UP yard crew got off of the eastbound train and got on the westbound train, or both.

That’s all.  Yesterday’s large set of pictures was much better!



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