L&D in Schriever and KCS in Metairie – 26 December 2006

by admin on 2016/12/26

It’s quite bizarre for one to get pictures of action on the Louisiana & Delta Railroad and pictures of action on the Kansas City Southern Railway in the same day, but on 26 December 2006, I managed to do it, albeit barely.  In these parts, the two railroads are about 50 miles apart, but neither run many trains on any given day.

I was, today, putting my new Canon 17-40mm/f4 lens to use, the first and only time that I had used it since I went on an afternoon and evening expedition in New Orleans with some other foamers that spanned from the afternoon of December 16 to the wee hours of December 17.

We’re in Schriever, though I made a trek a mile to the east to see what was over here on the stub of a track that is left of the Napoleonville Branch.

So, back at Schriever, the L&D Schriever Job – the SC1 – was switching, and this was the brief time period in which two locomotives were based in Schriever.

Remember that loaded lumber car; you’ll see it again tomorrow, 15 miles to the east.

These tank cars may have been for the sugar mill in Raceland or may have been for Monsanto in Boutte.

These photos may be my only photos that show side-by-side comparisons of L&D locomotives with the silver underbelly paint and L&D locomotives with the black underbelly paint, and I much prefer the former, the original way of painting the underbellies, to the current darkness; what say you?

I really like the 1500, which, a decade after these images were made, was one of only three CF7s remaining on the roster of a railroad whose locomotive roster was once almost entirely CF7s.

The track splitting off from the mainline in the left foreground of the below picture was the beginning of the Houma Branch and also the track from which the house track diverged.

Let’s get one more shot before we depart town, this shot being a telephoto view into the eastern storage track.

It looks like he’s building a train to head west to Boeuf.

On year to the day earlier, I photographed action here in Schriever after taking pictures of trains farther to the north.

Back that evening in Whoadieland, I swung by the KCS yard, and I saw this.

Those warehouses were razed in 2010 when the yard tower was razed.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for a more extensive look at the operations of the L&D Schriever Job tomorrow.


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