A Photographically Insipid Christmas Eve – 24 December 2006

by admin on 2016/12/24

Why are you even looking at this post? ┬áThere’s basically nothing to see here.

There will be plenty to see here in the coming days, but not today, and not much tomorrow either.

Do you not hear what I am screaming at you?

Okay, so, while you’re here, check out what I did on other Christmas Eves, which are better than what you’ve just seen!

One year to the day later, on 24 December 2007, I got a few decent action pictures of trains; one year to the day after that, on 24 December 2008, I got a few more decent images in some of the same locations.

One year to the day before, on 24 December 2005, I got some interesting pictures of a couple of interesting trains, yes, all in the similar locations.

Merry Christmas.


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