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by admin on 2016/12/10

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I Can’t Believe I Was Bested By A Liar

(Okay; actually, I totally can believe it.  What, you’re not listening to today’s song?)  Hello.  Before I get to today’s pictures, I have a little bit more on the “Site News” for you that I mentioned in my “Keeping Up Appearances” posting.

Now Hear This

The amount of new and-or original content here is about to make a sudden increase and will remain so for all or at least the first half of 2017, with most of it being yet-unpublished pictures that I took in late 2006 and throughout 2007, published on the 10-year anniversaries that they were taken, and possibly some more stuff from my 2012 trip to the Great Plains, also posted on the anniversaries of them, and then whatever small amount of pictures that I actually take in 2017.

You might wish to keep up with future postings, and I appreciate that.  Most of the upcoming postings contain train pictures, and many of you come here because of links that I post on various railroad-related forums, forums based on either a particular railroad or a particular region.  If you’re not on all of those forums (and I’m nearly certain that you aren’t), then you won’t see all of the postings; if you’re on only the forum about Railroad C and the forum about Railroad E, then you won’t see the posts that contain pictures of action on Railroad A, Railroad B, and Railroad D, but not Railroad C or Railroad E, and if you’re on only the forum covering Region Y, then you won’t see my postings about trains in Region X or Region Z.

The best way to keep up is to sign up for the Jimbaux’s Journal e-mail list, and what’s best about is that neither signing yourself up for it nor removing yourself from it (if you change your mind and want to stop receiving the periodic e-mails) require any involvement from me!  The e-mails, which I almost never send more than once per week, are brief aggregations or digests of links to recent content; typically, an e-mail contains about three or four links, with brief descriptions about each of them, and, typically, the links are to new postings here.

To sign up for e-mail updates, send a blank message to jimbauxsjournal-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and check your inbox and your spam folder (the latter being the more likely to receive the message) for a confirmation message.  Follow the instructions in the message, and you’ll be a member!  (It’s a closed group where only the moderator can post.)  Once you are subscribed, if you decide that you no longer want to get updates, you can send an e-mail to jimbauxsjournal-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com to stop receiving messages.

So, you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from the e-mail list all without me knowing!  If you sign up for updates and eventually wish to stop receiving the e-mails, you don’t have to ask to be “taken off of the list,” since you can unsubscribe yourself!  How’s that?

Whoadieland, Trumpistan

It’s my first time taking my camera out in New Orleans (I just don’t really take pictures anymore) since so many of you failed to stop a dangerous, destructive, delusional, hate-filled, narcissistic vulgarian from ascending to the most powerful office in the land, and let’s see what I generated.  It’s also election day in Louisiana, and we’re going to embarrass ourselves even further, reaffirming our well-earned reputation for idiocy and bigotry, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Sameness – Part Of Why I Hardly Do This Anymore

For now, we start on the NS Back Belt and the shot that is no more, the shot that, from the ground level, has been compromised by the building of a building just to the left of the frame here, as we see the morningly NS transfer run to the Canadian National Railway yard returning home under the not-yet-completed new Wisner Boulevard overpass.

Yeah, with the temperatures in the 40s and not a cloud in the sky, the heat distortion was quite terrible today.  Anyway, I hope that, once that bridge gets completed, the shots from the foamer pedestrian-cyclist lane are good.

That first car appears to be a lumber load from the Weyerhouser mill around Holden, and I photographed one of those on this same train from the old bridge three years ago next week.

What in the hell is with these new cars on this train?  I don’t see build dates on these things!  Why?

Oh, well, let’s get out of here.  Yeah, this is just the same old stuff, which is part of why, on the rare occasions that I take out the camera by the tracks anymore, it’s to get exotic stuff like the L&D’s Abbeville Branch, like I did the day before Thanksgiving.

Why did you pick a 14-year-old drama queen as a leader, America? Why?

I had some chores to go do, but, since I had my camera with me (that was once a given for me, but it is no longer the case), I’d get more shots later today!

Time Travel

Dammit, as I look through these shots and the time stamps on them, it looks like the clock in my camera is way off, like maybe by about an hour-and-a-half.  I have no idea how or when that happened, but I guess that I should make it a habit of checking the time on this camera on any day in which I shoot.  Oh, well.

I guess that there is a market for that.

The Dog, Heat-Distorted Days of Late Fall

Sometimes, out on my walks, I see the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad’s transfer run from the CN.  Going for long walks – and I run in spurts of a few hundred feet at a time, but I’ve never been a long-distance runner – is one of the many ways in which I prefer to use the time that I once used for taking pictures of trains, and it’s damned difficult to lug around camera equipment when doing that, though I do get the occasional cell phone capture; usually, I walk at least two miles per day, sometimes four or five, in two separate and roughly equal episodes spread hours apart.

So, heat distortion is still a problem, and we have an interspecies gaggle trying to get across the track before the train comes.

I mean, I’m standing basically at Walnut Street, but maybe they couldn’t have made it there in time, and the entire NOPB operates within “yard limits” anyway.

This happens often, really; this is just the first time that I photograph it.  Don’t worry.

I mean, I say that because I know that there are some uptight foamers out there in foamland.

Yes, that is the US Army Corp of Engineers’s New Orleans office building at left.

Much of this train is BNSF transfer traffic from CN, and possibly some UP transfer traffic from the CN, too, but probably not much of that.

Dammit, I’m getting repetitive again (and I’m not even drinking); I need to do better, I know.

Okay, thankfully, we’re done with that!  Bye now!

I think that all of this is totally meaningless, anyway, which makes me want to ask you, why are you even here?


Well, you know how when you break your diet by eating something really unhealthy, you figure that you can, shortly thereafter, eat something else bad? because you’ve broken the streak and, as such, don’t need to resume it right away?  Well, something similar happened here form me and picture-taking; I’ve already broken my fast and figure that I should just keep going.

Worse, I went across the river to do it; actually, I had something else to do across the river, but that’s another story.  So, of course, we have to make a trip to Avondale, where, to my delight, my eyes feasted on a parked unit windmill parts train with a spartan-cab leader on the BNSF track.

Those are windmill nacelles and windmill turbines loaded on big flatcars.  You can see behind it what appears to be another BNSF train, which might be the NOPB transfer run, considering that it isn’t up here at Avondale Garden Road.  So, cropping that out, let’s have an even closer look at our prize – albeit, motionless – catch.

At this point, I really should end the railroad photography.  I’d love to get some shots of this train in motion, but there appears to be no crew aboard, and it could be hours before a crew arrives; once the crew arrives, it could be an hour before the train moves.  What do I do?  I have a book to read and some trail mix, and I’ve been successful so far at avoiding fast food, unlike on my last foam outing the day before Thanksgiving.

A New Shot

While all of this is happening, and while I am pondering what to do, behind me appeared a southbound train coming into the South Yard off of the Avondale Subdivision.

Yep, I’ve never done this shot before!  I guess that it’s okay, but, to make it work, you need a train on the Livonia Subdivision, and switch jobs like the one at right shoving back into the yard are common enough.

And, you can see there that the shoving switch job revealed another parked train.

Well, I think that I’m going to end all of the picture-taking for the day by having one last look the other way while this southbound manifest train – I don’t know which one it is, and I can hardly tell them apart anymore, even though this one appears to be headed to the CSX – comes into the yard, past our windmill parts train.

On top of the uncertainty about when that windmill parts train would leave, my shot options seemed to be limited to the crossover at Live Oak, something around Boutte, and maybe it coming into Raceland, but that last one is about 30 miles away, and I’m just not doing that.

So, that’s it for pictures tonight!

Racing To The Bottom

Today has just made things worse.  The Republican Party has just decided to adopt what it had, until this year, called “socialism.”

Really, John Kennedy?  You say that everyone deserves the dignity and security of a good paying job, and then you call yourself “conservative”?  How does that work?  And how does he get away with winning with a message like that?

Well, well, well, finally, a great many so-called “conservatives” have shown that they are not conservative at all!  Yeah, basically, white Louisianians showed that they are fine with “socialism” as long as the freebie jobs are given to ‘us’ – i.e., “conservatives,” i.e., people who look, talk, act, and vote like us – and not to Those People.  Thanks, Republican base voters, for finally demonstrating what actually motivates you.

Despite his victory, Trump wants to still do rallies; don’t you get what that means?  Just like George Wallace, he wants attention more than he wants to govern, and this has been obvious to any educated person long before Trump entered the political world.

Congratulations, America; you’ve elected a cult leader, a vulgar, know-nothing celebrity, and I am deeply ashamed and alarmed.

Last night’s CBS Evening News had a segment about how today’s 30-somethings are less well-off than their parents were at that age.  The saddest thing about this story is that it did not bother to address what the real cause of this problem is; oh, it said something about growing wealth inequality, but that’s just another symptom, not a cause.  Apparently, the brains of human beings are hard-wired to need to conceptualize a human or humanoid enemy, when the real problem is that technology – which exists to help us – has made so many jobs obsolete and unnecessary, that it’s ridiculous that we continue to insist that a citizen’s ability to participate in civilization depend solely on income earned from a paid job.

We have to stop thinking of unemployment or underemployment as some problem that needs to be solved, especially as unemployment or underemployment aren’t causing you any trouble in accessing basic goods and services, since there’s more cheap stuff at Wal-Mart than there ever has been; we have to start seeing high unemployment and underemployment as a good thing, that the economy has, thanks to technology, innovation, and capitalism, become so efficient that it simply no longer necessary for every able-bodied adult to work a full-time job, and that it’s no longer necessary for the same reason that it’s no longer possible.

Furthermore, we’re at the point that if business and paid work is to be as successful as it can be, it needs the demand – the market – created by putting cash into the hands of those who are most likely to spend it; it’s no value for employers to get rid of nearly all jobs if, by doing so, it makes the market unable to pay for the products and services that they produce!

But, no.  We can’t do the right, sensible, harmless, and immensely helpful thing.  Both major political parties – and most of you – are still myopically committed to this “full employment” stupidity even as it is evermore become both impossible and unnecessary.

Many of you who read this publication know plenty about the railroad industry.  So, you should know about how just the railroad industry has gotten more and more efficient – by moving more and more freight with fewer and fewer employees – over the last few decades.  Realize that that has been happening in so many other industries, too, and then ask yourself why you stay committed to the idea that every single citizen needs to work some – increasingly needless, which makes it no wonder why job dissatisfaction gets ever higher – paid job in order to justify his or her participation in civilization.

Thank you.

I wish you a merry Christmas, and I hope that you stay tuned for the uptick in content here starting soon.


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1 Rob James December 14, 2016 at 18:58

I really used to like reading your site and looking at the pictures,but your so bent out of shape with politics,why dont you get off your soap box I’m not interested anymore,cant you just leave that stuff where it belongs,,its a pity really,I’m sure there,s lots of places you could voice your opinion,but it is your website,and I wont be reading it anymore,when I see it appear anywhere,ill just hit the delete button
Just spoilt a good thing


2 JBX December 14, 2016 at 19:10

“cant you just leave that stuff where it belongs” and “I’m sure there,s lots of places you could voice your opinion”

Yeah, a guy uses his personal blog to write his personal opinion of things; where else but here does it belong? In what position do you think you are to tell another man that what to NOT put on HIS OWN blog?

“but your so bent out of shape with politics”

It’s not even about “politics”; it’s about humanity, about basic human decency. If you can’t see that, then you’re part of the problem. And if you can’t see that people have oh-so-very-legitimate reasons to be “so bent out of shape” about what’s happening, that’s another sign that you’re likely part of the problem; you seem more concerned about people speaking out about bad things happening than you do those bad things happening. That’s telling.

And, generally, the ideological opinions here are separated from the pictures, with most of the non-railroad-related stuff coming well after the railroad stuff; I do that precisely because I want those who are interested only in the pictures to be able to look at the pictures, read the captions, and not read the parts that don’t interest them, but, somehow, that’s still not enough for you, which, along with your characterization of the topics of my discussions as “politics,” makes me think that you’re not telling me the real reason that you object to it.


3 Steve Boyko December 14, 2016 at 22:48

Say what you want to say, it’s your personal blog. I come here for the trains but I’m interested in your opinions too. I might not always agree,but hey, that’s OK.

I really like that “over the engineer’s shoulder” shot from 7885 toward the windmill train. Great photo.


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