Bernadotte Line – 22 November 2006

by admin on 2016/11/22

It’s just after midnight on 22 November 2006, less than 72 hours after I shot the northbound Crescent at nearby East City Junction, and I’m getting what are my first action pictures on the Bernadotte Line, fuzzy because I didn’t have a tripod and, as such, had to use some high speed sensitivity with as low a shutter speed as I could afford while hand-holding the camera.

NS 5503, which has spent plenty of time in New Orleans, has arrived at Bernadotte with some loaded boxcars for Masonry Products, where it will pick up some empty boxcars.

Masonry Products is the last remaining customer on what was once a long branchline into the inner part of New Orleans, where passenger trains of the Southern Railway and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad ran.

So, here, the locomotive is on the runaround track and is running around the boxcars that it is delivering.

Lightingwise, these are some of my worst Bernadotte Line pictures, but please understand that the personal significance here is that this is the first of many times that I photograph action on this line.

So, now, the locomotive is on the other end of the cut.

Now, it’s time to shove the cars into the brickyard.

Do you see One Shell Square in the background?  That’s the tallest building in New Orleans.

Let’s have a view from the other side and then head back to the crib for some sleep.

Thanks for checking out these pictures.  One year to the day before, I had a very colorful and memorable day taking many train pictures in several places.


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1 Steve Boyko November 22, 2016 at 07:04

Nice – very good sharpness for handheld at night!


2 Joy November 27, 2016 at 19:30

Nice night shots.



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