SP 745 and Steam Fest, Trains on NOPB – 14 October 2006

by admin on 2016/10/14

These pictures were taken on 14 October 2006 of the activities at the Louisiana Steam Train Associations “Steam Fest” in Audubon Park.  I believe that this was the first such event.

It was a chance for the general public to come see the SP 745 and other equipment.

There were music and other attractions.

Kids could blow the whistle.

Well, look at that old Travler!

The old automobiles were neat.  I admire that people care enough to maintain these relics.

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad ran a few trains during the time that I was there, the first one this one.

LASTA is staffed by some dedicated volunteers.

I should mention that I’m following my normal practice of presenting images in chronological order.

These automobiles are young compared to the locomotive!

Hey, it’s Wayne.

Let’s hear some music.

Hey, look!  It’s the Shadow Warrior!

I don’t recall much of our conversation that day.

I think that the flags at the front of the locomotive are neat.

Hey, look!  It’s the Kazours!

Two years and three months before, and not far from this location, I met her at a workshop that was, for me, part of a life-changing encounter that precipitated my whoadiehood, as told in the story on the topic.

I think that this was the first time that I met her husband, who is from Lebanon.

Whassup, dog?

Well, look at who it is.

Well, we have one more shot of the Kazours before we join the other party.

Okay, hello, other party.

And this is interesting.

Let’s have a closer look at these older guys of New Orleans area railroadishness, one of them in his third-to-last month as a New Orleans resident and a Louisiana resident.

Let’s hear some music.

Let’s see some lovely ladies.

Let’s see a KCS train.

I bet that these guys were talking about old stuff.

So, too, was I, I suppose.

Here comes some BNSF light power on the NOPB.

That’s the US Army Corps of Engineers building at the left.  Below is a cropped version of the same image.

Here comes the power.


That’s all.

Five years almost to the day later, I got a good set of pictures of the SP 745 being moved to the Gretna Heritage Festival.


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