Compañeros de New Orleans, Otra Vez – 12 October 2006

by admin on 2016/10/12

Here is another set of pictures that has the same story as the set three days ago.

David was tenacious.  He’s like the El Salvadoran version of my carpenter uncle: a tenacious worker and a teddy bear of a human being.

Walter was funny.  Anyway, we see David again.

I enjoyed working with him.

Contrary to the impression that you might get from the above picture, the young trabajador is not taking a piss; he’s just at the location where I caught him walking as I took the picture.

There’s David again.

Carlos was a funny guy who worked with David.

I guess the nice October weather is part of what made me feel ‘cool’ about taking out the camera.

All of this was a great experience for me.

And I guess that I am, for better and for worse, one of those people for whom everything must be an “experience” or not worth doing.

It’s a curse as much as – and possibly more than – it is a blessing.

Ponder that as you watch Marcos limpia los espejos.

That’s all.


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