Compañeros de New Orleans – 9 October 2006

by admin on 2016/10/09

These pictures were taken on a property somewhere – I know exactly where, but I am withholding the information – along Prytania Street in the Garden District neighborhood in New Orleans on 9 October 2006.  I suppose if there was a gentlemen’s statute of limitations for publicizing these images, it has long since expired.

These are scenes from quite a memorable time in my life when I experienced plenty, accomplished plenty of which I was proud, and learned plenty, lessons still sprouting like a regenerating plant a decade later with new insights.

I loved working with these guys.

I don’t recall what specifically prompted me to take out my camera on this particular date that was otherwise just another day at work.

Perhaps this was the day that Marvin, at left, told me, “much trabajo, poquito dinero.”  Yeah, hombre, I know, even if I don’t know in the way that you know.

We shared laughs and food amidst our work.

I suppose that plenty of people have plenty of memories of this staircase.

Social media has changed so much about expectations about behavior for workers in places like this.

These were good times.  I felt strong.

There is nobody like Manuelito!

That’s all for now.  I’ll have more pictures from here in two days.


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