Big Chip Local Chase Between Schriever and Morgan City – 8 August 2011

by admin on 2016/08/08

On Monday 8 August 2011, I made a big chase of the Chip Local and some other trains from Schriever to Morgan City on the Sunset Route, showing plenty of scenes of the train working, and I soon put the 42 pictures into a three-part series here on Jimbaux’s Journal.  This particular article that you are reading is made on the five-year anniversary of the pictures being made, and it is meant to be a location for links to all three articles.

Part 1 – Amtrak’s westbound Sunset Limited followed by Chip move from Schriever to Morgan City, where we see the MNSEW, too

Part 2 – Chip eastbound at Morgan City and then working Patterson Tubular

Part 3 – Chip switching at North Boeuf, laughing at me, putting his train back together, and passing Chacahoula and Schriever


About 15 months later, Chip would retire after 42 years of railroading.  The Morgan City Local, based out of Avondale, isn’t the same without him!



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