A Burger and A Caboose in Alexandria, Virginia – 15 July 2011

by admin on 2016/07/15

These pictures were taken on 15 July 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia; two days before, I visited the Norfolk Southern Railway at Van Dorn Street and got some pictures of, among other things, a Virginia Railway Express train, and now I returned.

First, the sun has to rise wherever I was that morning.


I don’t know; I don’t care.

I ended up at this place called “the burger joint” in Old Town Alexandria.

The burgers there are good!  Please note that taken together, the above picture and the below picture constitute a lesson in optics; the above picture was taken with the wide angle lens just a couple of feet from the burger, and the below picture, of the same subject, was taken with the telephoto lens from what I guess to be at least 12 feet away.

Note in the two pictures how the appearance of the black SUV across the street looks drastically different from one image to the next.  That, mes amis, is compression and optics.

Okay, so, back we are at Van Dorn Street, and, this time, we have a better view of the caboose.

Those are some coal hoppers behind the tank cars in the far distance, and to the left is a ballast unloading facility.  At one time, NS had an intermodal facility to the right of the frame in the above image.

Here is a better shot of the caboose, which I think was used for the branch down to the coal-fired power plant, a branchline that may have since closed.

I remember reading that the power plant either closed or that it stopped receiving railroad shipments.

Some of these images and some of the images from the post of pictures from two days before required me to do some dodgework to get out the the fence because I was shooting through a fence, but there was one place where I was able to shoot through a hole in the fence.  Here is a picture from the other side of the overpass showing the hole.

I’d love to know how and why that cut is there!

Looking the other way, we see an outbound VRE train.

Before we go, let’s get one more view, this time showing the ballast cars better.

I left there, and I got one more shot, this time showing a metro stop.  I’m not sure where this is, though.

If that’s not the Van Dorn stop, it looks like the King Street station.  Anyone know?



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1 Steve Boyko July 15, 2016 at 15:02

Burgers and cabeese – what else could anyone want?


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