May 2006 Sampler

by admin on 2016/05/01

Welcome again to our monthly set of 10 pictures from some time in 2006 or whatever this is supposed to be.  We have a small amount of geographic diversity in this set, and we have some subject diversity too.  Remember, too, that all caption information can be found in the filename of the picture, which can be read by holding your mouse arrow over the image in question.

On Saturday 6 May 2006, I made a trek down deep into Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, which still looked bad from Hurricane Katrina more than eight months before.  I got many pictures that day, and I shall share one here.

Think, please, that there is a story behind this automobile being parked, neglected, damaged, and abandoned here; this is someone’s story, someone’s life.  There were many similar scenes along the highway that afternoon.

Let’s move on, and back to a safer – too safe, maybe – familiar subject: trains.  For our second picture, we are, the next day, at George Street in Avondale, as the QLIHL prepares to enter the Drill Extension track.

A certain Waggamanian was with me that morning, but that’s another story.

Our third picture was taken way out in Garden City late on a Thursday afternoon, which kind of shows you how much of an obsessive freak I was then or still am about trains or whatever else.

Yes, I actually drove 80 miles after work one afternoon to chase a train with an increasingly-rare Conrail locomotive leading it (and I got pictures of it at several other locations), which means that I drove another 80 miles back east.  I hope that you like the picture; I mean, if I’m going to waste my precious time and life away chasing trains, at least it should help other people.

That weekend, the aforementioned Waggamanian and I were out in Mississippi and Alabama, and one of many things that we shot was this Norfolk Southern train at Chickasaw.

The next morning, we visited the port, where, as seen here in our fifth picture, we visited with Jerry Cotton of the Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks, among other things.

That was interesting.  On my way back to Whoadieland, I stopped by Beauvoir, the beach home of Jefferson Davis, which was in a sad state of disrepair after Katrina.

Three days later, a fire broke out on the wharf in New Orleans somewhere in the Orange Street area, and I was one of several people watching and photographing from Gretna.

Three days later, as seen in our next and eighth picture, was a warm spring Saturday morning that had me going west in search of trains to intercept, and I got this Louisiana & Delta Railroad job heading eastbound with New Iberia tonnage to set out in Schriever for the Union Pacific local to pick up and take to Avondale.

The locomotives would then run as light power back to New Iberia; this was a common practice until about 2014 or so, when BNSF won plenty of the carbon black business from UP.

The next day on the 21st, we are in Schriever, where we see a parked Monsanto train.

So much of my past is tied up with that place.  Wow.

For our final picture, we are farther west in Berwick later that same day, with a train led by a blue lease locomotive that caught my eye.

That train showed as a QNOAX, but the Lafayette Sub is a strange routing for a train going from New Orleans to Alexandria; so, maybe there was some sort of service disruption on the Livonia Subdivision that necessitated a rerouting of this train.

That’s all for May of 2006 for now.  Thank you.


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