January 2006 Sampler

by admin on 2016/01/01

As foretold in my posting of pictures of 31 December 2005 (made on 31 December 2015), I will not, in 2016, be able to maintain the on-each-date blog articles for all of the many good pictures that I took in 2006 and will, instead, do this much-less-time-consuming practice of just putting 10 pictures from each month in 2006 into one article.

So, here are 10 images that I took in January 2006, shown in chronological order.

Our first picture is taken on the first, the first day of the first month of the year, as we see Amtrak’s eastbound Sunset Limited along the sugarcane fields of northern-central Lafourche Parish, between Schriever and Raceland.

That was the only train that I photographed that day, but, one year to the day later, I had a much more memorably day taking train pictures in Mexico!

Next, two days later on 3 January 2006 at 16:00, we see a westbound New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway train moving down 4th Street in Gretna.

The train had 45 cars and had the same power set that we saw here almost exactly one week before.

Next, at 09:29 on Saturday 7 January 2006, we are at CTC Live Oak where we see Union Pacific Railroad train QLISNB with an odd-looking new locomotive leading it.

This was a new CSX locomotive that had yet to be painted in CSX paint and was still running around mostly in a primer coat.

Next, for our fourth picture, we are, later that same day, in Schriever, where we see a westbound BNSF manifest train making a pickup at dusk.

Our next picture was taken the next day, on 8 January 2006, as we see a parked UP grain train at the elevator in Westwego.

Our next three pictures were taken all on the same day, Saturday 14 January 2006.  I don’t like doing that, as I want to make as much of a balance as possible, but this suggests that January 2006 was not a great month for the quality of pictures that I took during that month, but considering that January days don’t have much daylight and considering that I had a normal day job then, most of my images are on the weekends.

Picture number six shows UP train MNOHO-14 passing through Chacahoula, Louisiana, and what I loved most about this particular train was that it had only one locomotive!

Since it is very rare for a regular mainline train (not a local) to have only one locomotive, I thought that this was worthy of a chase, especially when it was the MNOHO that I liked so much (and I explained in October more about this train and why I liked it so much.)

So, I decided to chase it a ways, shot it in Morgan City, then shot it again in Bayou Sale, as seen here in the seventh picture.

Just like I don’t like making more than one picture from the same day in these compilation essays, I don’t like showing more than one picture of the same train, but at least our last picture from the 14th isn’t of this train.  Next, for our eighth picture of this article, we are in Raceland by some Southern Railway flatcars loaded with plate steel.

I have no idea why such cars would have been in Raceland, especially in 2006, and that’s probably part of why I photographed them there then.

Our ninth and second-to-last image is not of a train or of anything railroad-related, and it’s the only such picture in this essay.

This was a very foggy, cloudy day in New Orleans, and there were people by the river in Harvey taking pictures.

Our tenth and last picture shows what might have been the last time that an unmolested Southern Pacific locomotive powered UP train LLS51, the Chip Local, seen here moving through the crossovers at Live Oak and onto the former SP mainline.

Also, though I don’t feel like checking through the archives to know for sure, that (and the pictures that immediately preceded it in the seconds before) might be my only digital picture of an unmolested SP locomotive on the Chip Local.

That’s all for now; I’ll see you next month.


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1 Charlie Kilbourne January 23, 2016 at 12:19

James, I think photos 1 and 3 are among your finest.


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