Christmas Eve Trains on the Lafayette Subdivision – 24 December 2005

by admin on 2015/12/24

Hello, and Merry Christmas; these pictures were taken on a very dark Saturday 24 December 2005.

Yeah, okay.  My truck, my truck, my filthy little truck.  Whachogondo wit’ all dat mud, all dat mud upside yo’ truck?

Haven’t we seen this before?  Didn’t we see this yesterday in different lighting?  Can we please see something else?

Well, yes.

Via the foamer forums, I got wind of an anomaly.  Perry reported that at 11:20, an empty eastbound UFIX coal train passed through New Iberia, the first time that I know of this happening on the Lafayette Subdivision and the only time that I recall witnessing it, even though Perry would go on to see at least three more of these things, including some loaded westbound trains.

That was Gibson, and, man, with the combination of thick clouds, this being a coal train, and the highway following the track in this area, it reminded me of chasing a coal train on Rich Mountain!

This is Chacahoula, a rare time that I do these eastbound-train shots at these locations.

And here it is coming into Schriever, the same place where we shot the eastbound Sunset Limited yesterday.

Damn, it was dark out that day!

Two years to the day later, under clouds, I got some other pictures in this area, including two westbound trains.

Three years to the day later, under clouds, I got some other pictures around this area, including of sugar-cane burning and the westbound Sunset Limited.

Yes, my habit of taking pictures of trains was most pronounced in late December; anyway, we have one more image from this day, and it is a good way to end this set.

The clouds seemed to have slightly weakened for what is our last act of the day, and what is our shot of the day, both because the lighting is better and because this is a neat-looking train.

That is Union Pacific Railroad train MNOHO westbound.  I have explained in detail the MNOHO in a prior posting on the matter.

That’s all for today.  I’ll see you in two days!  Merry Christmas!


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