Just a Few Pictures – 23 December 2005

by admin on 2015/12/23

I started the day on Friday 23 December 2005 at my crib on the W’ank, and then I ended up in Destrehan for a visit with Aunt Marie and Uncle Willard.  We have just four pictures today (thankfully), and only one of them is a decent railroad action picture.

Before we start, I should mention that, as late December was traditionally a time in which my railroad picture-taking – especially at home in Louisiana – was at its busiest, I have many pictures taken on the 23rd of December.

One of my memorable sets of pictures was made on the Lockport Branch was made on film on 23 December 2003; in order to document what was the same and what was different about that area and the train that served it, I photographed the Schriever Job at work in Raceland 10 years to the day later on 23 December 2013.

On 23 December 2007, I photographed some trains in New Orleans and on the way back home to Bayouland for Christmas.

Uncle Willard saw my truck and said that it looked like it had gotten dragged through the spillway.

Yeah, it made a few laughs.  I had a good visit with the Destrehan clan; they are good people.

Next, I am in New Orleans, but I don’t remember why, especially considering that I’d head west again before dusk; perhaps I was visiting the woman whom I was dating at the time.  Anyway, here’s a picture.

Little did I know that I’d become quite familiar with that area a year later.

Later, just before dusk, we are in Schriever.

Twenty-four minutes later, as the last rays of light still illuminate the western sky, Amtrak’s eastbound Sunset Limited approaches milepost 56.

And that, thankfully, is all for today; we’ll have a little bit more tomorrow, and then we’ll be off for Christmas.


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1 Howard Bingham December 23, 2015 at 13:33

Nice and short view of Sunset Ltd. and local scenery as seen on my new Moto-X Pure Edition Android phone.

Best wishes for a fulfilling Holiday dinner, Joyeau Noel,

Howard Bingham :-)


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