Live Oak Saturday, Great Northern Sunday – 3-4 December 2005

by admin on 2015/12/03

Wow, six days between blog articles?  What has happened here?  Could it be that I had to work all day on weekdays back then?  Yeah, apparently, back in late 2005, I would, on any given day, be trackside with camera in hand so long as I didn’t have to be at work; in retrospect, this seems like a waste of one’s life, but, I didn’t know better.  So, since I didn’t know better, since I took the pictures anyway, and since I want them to actually have use and be of value to others, how about we enjoy them?

The Third

So, on the morning of Saturday 3 December 2005, we start at what has, in a short period of time, become a very common place for me: CTC Live Oak in Waggaman.  I didn’t become very familiar with the NS Back Belt in New Orleans until I escaped the W’ank in late 2006; so, in late 2005 and early 2006, while living on the W’ank, CTC Live Oak became my preferred foam location.

That, of course, is where we start our morning, just like we did last time, with another southbound train on the Livonia Subdivision, on former Texas & Pacific Railway and Missouri Pacific Railroad trackage.

Hey!  I like these old C40-8s; you might recall that I shot one leading the MNOHO a month before.

We’re looking northwestward on the Livonia Subdivision, and these trains are coming toward the yard at Avondale.

Here is something with some interesting lead locomotive.

What is that?  Why does it look different than normal spartan-cab CSX locomotives?  Is it that yellow on those boxes on either side of the nose?

Okay, there came two trains.

Next, we turn around, and we see what appears to be the MNOHO coming.

Okay, that was okay (and that was a repetitive statement.)  Next, we turn back around and see yet another southbound on the Livonia Subdivision.

Now, it was time to chase this train to Willswood and, for the first time, do the not-across-the-SP, more nearly direct shot on the Livonia Subdivision like so.

That’s tight.  Here it is less tightly.

Okay, now it’s time to return to the crib.  Five hours later, on my way to Bayouland for the night, I stop here again, this time seeing the MNOLI.

That’s a manifest train from New Orleans to Livonia, hence the “MNOLI” symbol.

I like one-locomotive road trains like this.

The Fourth

The next morning, I find, in Schriever, this rare old relic.

Wow!  I think that that’s the only piece of rolling stock in Great Northern’s “Big Sky” paint scheme that I have ever seen!  This paint has to be no more recent than 1970, when the Great Northern ceased to exist upon the formation of the Burlington Northern.

Also, I think that that paint-scheme was short-lived, GN’s last, meaning that not a large number of cars would have received such paint.  So, this is a rare find indeed!

That’s all for now; I’ll see you next weekend.


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