Sunday Sermon at Live Oak – 27 November 2005

by admin on 2015/11/27

We start anew on this glorious Sunday morning, the morning of Sunday 27 November 2005, at a new location for our weekly worship, that being at CTC Live Oak, where we can enjoy the relative quiet due to the lower rates of automobile traffic on a Sunday morning all while we can more clearly smell the stench of the nearby landfill!

Tomorrow is back to work after a glorious Thanksgiving week, and we take this final opportunity to practice our faith, or something.

I believe that that, off in the distance, is the head-end of the parked QLINSB, the only train of which we will get any decent images today.  In the meantime, here comes a northbound manifest train, one of at least two trains on which our train is waiting.

I love these Conrail locomotives.

For all of my life, I have loved the paint scheme; if I had the wealth of time and money that allowed for model railroading, I’d be sure to have a big Conrail section.

Here’s the tail end of the train.

Okay.  Hey, look, our train that will be today’s homily is still tucked back there.

For now, we have another train leaving Avondale, this time coming on the Avondale Subdivision.

I probably didn’t intend for that shot to be worth much, being shot into the rising sun, but I like how it processed! I guess this train is the MNOHO, but I don’t know.

Well, now, it is time for our homiletic train.  Yesterday was the first-ever time that I shot a train coming through either of the crossovers at CTC Live Oak, and, now, I knew better as to where to position myself for a better shot, giving us this view that has come to be familiar.

Yes!  I like it.  This is Union Pacific Railroad train QLINSB, the “Q” prefix designating “Quality,” meaning that it is a high-priority manifest train, the “LI” origin code standing for Livonia, La., where UP has a mini-hump yard, the “NS” destination code signaling that it is bound for interchange with the Norfolk Southern Railway in New Orleans, and the “B” suffix signaling that it has a Birmingham block, which becomes NS train 314.

Next, the theme of improving what we did for the first-ever time yesterday continues, as I go to Willswood, where I shot pictures for my first-ever time yesterday, and position myself to improve on what I did yesterday, as seen here.

Well, that’s all for our sermon today!

On the way back to the crib, I had to get a shot of the sign at the Burger King on the Westbank Expressway in Westwego.

Yes, those were interesting times, those immediate post-Katrina months were, indeed, with a labor market very tight.

I’ll see you next weekend, right back at these same locations.


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