Clouds, BNSF, and Amtrak – 25 November 2005

by admin on 2015/11/25

Here is a set of pictures that is, due to the marathon of the last few days interrupted by yesterday (in 2005) being Thanksgiving Day, thankfully, relatively brief.

Yes, I’m getting right to it; I don’t know, but I guess that is the westbound BNSF manifest train that we’ll see again.

Apparently, though, I photographed some parked cars (again) before making a chase.

Okay, so, here we are at Berwick Bay.

Here is our train, and this is my first-ever picture of a train led by a locomotive in the then-new “Swoosh” paint scheme.

Likely, it’s also the first “GEVO” locomotive that I photograph.

Back at Schriever, we are there for both the westbound Sunset Limited and the eastbound Sunset Limited.  If I recall the event properly, aided by what I see in these images, the #2 (the eastbound) arrived first but had to then go into the siditing to wait on the #1, and the conductor of the #2 got out at the depot and waited and aided passengers of both trains in the meantime.

So, here’s the #2 arriving.

And here is our conductor friend.

Now, we have to wait for the #1 to arrive, and we have our shot of the day.

I like that; Conductor Clement seemed to be, from what I could tell in this albeit brief encounter, a professional.

So, here comes the #1, and I don’t care enough to try to remove the headlight flares.

And here is the conductor for the #1.

This shall soon end.

Time and space move, or something.

That’s all.  Three years to the day later, the sun was out at this same location, and I got some better shots of the Louisiana & Delta Railroad job working the area.


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1 Charlie K. November 25, 2015 at 07:49

Sure like the No. 10 shot with train no. 1.
Looks like a young conductor for no. 1


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