A Mountain Laurel, An H1 Pumpkin, and A Green Deuce – 23 November 2005

by admin on 2015/11/23

Gosh, the amount of time I’ve spent merely creating these last few posts makes me marvel about how much time I spent out taking these pictures when I did!  These pictures were taken on Wednesday 23 November 2005, the day before Thanksgiving.

After the photographically memorable day that we had yesterday, let’s get right to this, starting at my new favorite morning hangout at CTC Live Oak in Waggaman, as I am on my way from Whoadieland to Bayouland, the beginning of what has come to be a familiar – and, over time, tiresome – routine, especially right before a holiday.

There is no train to photograph here now; I just shot the picture for the heck of it.

Moving west, though, I find the Louisiana & Delta Railroad’s Schriever Job as it departed the Monsanto plant to return west, and I photograph it for the third consecutive day, at what likely is a new shot for me; I don’t recall ever shooting the Bayou Des Allemands broadside in my film days, and it would take hours for me to make a check that I’m not even sure would be exhaustive.  So, this must be the first-ever time that I did this shot.

I like!  Next, we catch him coming toward and then passing the 39.

That’s different.

As the train leaves the mainline to do some work in Raceland, let’s just say that some of the people of the area know me.


The power breaks off from the cut of tank cars, pulls ahead past the wye switch, backs down the wye, couples to the three cement-or-sand hopper cars left by the Union Pacific local train at the other end of the wye, and then comes forward as seen in the scene below.

That is another scene that has been irrevocably changed by the construction of a crude-by-rail facility there.

Later, chasing the train back to Schriever, I do my rare Thoroughbred Park shot, and I rather like this view.

Back at Schriever, we see the job put the cars in the storage track for BNSF to come and pick up later.

Note that that weird load on the big flatcar is still there.

The locomotive is by itself moving away from the cars in the above image.

About 45 minutes later, a westbound BNSF grain train has stopped on the mainline to wait for the Chip Local to take the siding; here’s the Chip Local, which is really the UP’s Morgan City Local, the LLS51.

The below picture is both heavily cropped and wavy due to heat distortion, but I present it because it is important to the story that I am telling, since it shows both trains side-by-side.

That guy doesn’t look like Chip; so, either Chip had the day off, or that is the conductor of the BNSF train, which would make sense, since it arrived there before the UP local did.

Here comes the grain train.

Yuck!  I like the Heritage 1 paint scheme, but this thing is filthy!

Well, at least the Chacahoula broadside gives me a chance to de-emphasize its filthiness.

I like that.  Now, we get a chance to see a span of BNSF hopper cars.

The “Swoosh” logo had just been introduced, increasing the variety found on such trains.

Now, it’s time to go back east to get the westbound Sunset Limited.

Now, we head back west, and despite the filthiness of the leader of the grain train, we again photograph it.

I believe that the point here was to experiment with this new Bayou Sale shot, which I had just done for the first time two days before.


Back at Schriever, we are waiting on a westbound train that has a leader whose number makes me think that it is an SD40-2; so, until then, let’s continue the habit, practice, and theme of photographing old equipment.

That’s nice.  Here’s the westward view from the depot.

Now, with the light really fading fast, here is our train.

That’s okay, but I think that this next shot is our shot of the day.

Yes, I love Cascade Green SD40-2s.

Well, so long.

That’s all the fun for today.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, meaning it’s a day to spend with family, and, then, the next day will, predictably, show more trains; yes, there really is no rest for the wicked.


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1 Charlie K. November 23, 2015 at 12:22

Yep. your pick for ” shot of the day” I like, too along with No. 4 for “presence.”


2 robert buhr November 29, 2015 at 19:19

nice photos thanks for sharing .


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