Waggaman and Schriever – 19 November 2005

by admin on 2015/11/19

You know, “Waggaman and Schriever” sounds like it could be the name of a law firm, or something.  Anyway, these pictures were taken in (or near) those two towns on Saturday 19 November 2005.

Two Firsts

Regular readers of this site – or, I should say, regular viewers of my images – have seen my shot of eastbound trains at CTC Live Oak, particularly those on the Union Pacific Railroad’s Livonia Subdivision, in Waggaman in several of my pictures over the years.  The very first time that I did that shot was on this morning.

How’s that?  This location would become a standby for me over the next half-year, as New Orleans was still too damaged, distant, and hostile.

No, I don’t know what train this is, but I like the power.

Above, you see the post-merger crossover connecting the former Texas & Pacific Railway and Missouri Pacific Railroad mainline where the train is with the former Southern Pacific and now BNSF (to the left, at least) mainline in the foreground.

There was another first today: my first of many shots of the Chip Local anywhere east of Raceland.  Here it is coming right up to the crossing, with five cars behind the UP 1353.

I love loaded pipe gondolas.

Well, that was nice.

Later, we are in Schriever, where we see this nastiness.

Apparently, there was no crew on this train.

So, this is how this day ends, and that’s okay.

I’ll see you tomorrow, the day after, the day after, and the day after, since the me of November 2005 apparently couldn’t see much else to do with my precious time than take pictures of trains, of all things.


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1 Charlie Kilbourne November 19, 2015 at 15:15

James. as for the train with no crew, the boys must have been stooping over when you took this. I’ve never seen a cab in motion without a crew until now. You have a fine website, but I think if viewers are going to comment, a photo numbering system would sure make it easier.



2 Jimbaux November 20, 2015 at 13:28


Hi, Charlie,

I guess I should have explicitly stated that the train was parked; I mean, it’s in a siding, and the lights are off too. I’m nearly certain that there was no crew aboard; either the prior crew had gotten to its hours-of-service maximum, or, less likely, both of the crewmembers were at the convenience store just south of here (or, one was at the store, and the other was lying back and taking a nap.)

As for numbering, every image has a six-digit number shown in its filename, which can be read by holding your mouse arrow over the image.


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