The NOGC in West Harvey – 16 November 2005

by admin on 2015/11/16

Here are a few pictures of action on the New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway – or the part of the Union Pacific Railroad’s Gouldsboro Subdivision that NOGC leases from UP – shortly before dusk on the afternoon of Wednesday 16 November 2005.

This train is stopping to work the large Kinder-Morgan tank farm, a small part of which is seen at left.

The NOGC 504 is still wearing its grey paint from its days as a Qwest locomotive used to lay fiber-optic cables along railroad mainlines.

The empty roadbed in the foreground is that of the abandoned former Southern Pacific Railway mainline from Algiers.

The track that the train is using is former Texas & Pacific Railway and former Missouri Pacific Railroad trackage.  Looking in the other direction, we are, being at the edge of Harvey, looking toward the community of Marrero.

There were spaces for two tracks on the Harvey Canal drawbridge in the background, as you can see.

The T&P used the bridge track at left – closest to the Mississippi River and the locks – while the SP used the bridge track at right.

The SP track across the bridge was abandoned sometime around the time of the UP-SP merger, but it was relaid in late 2014.

These pictures were taken before the newer locomotives – most or all GP38-3s – began arriving on the property in 2008; all of the GP7s left the property in early 2013, having not been used in almost a year.

That’s all for the pictures today!


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1 Hank November 17, 2015 at 17:38

Jimbaux, your reflection on the Harvey Canal bridge tracks and ex-SP approach replacements speaks mouthfuls for the adage of “Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart”. All over our great nation railroads, big and small, are recovering from the disastrous results of “Instant Results” management by the accounting departments and their MBA bosses between the 1960s and the early 1980s. I greave the miniscule scrap prices received from ripped-up rail when compared to the exorbitant prices paid today for replacing the same tracks.

Forgive my irritated reminiscences. I thoroughly enjoy all of your postings, all of which give me great pleasure, if only vicariously…Thanks.


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