Crossing the Harvey Canal – 11 November 2005

by admin on 2015/11/11

‘Twas a Friday afternoon after work that I took my camera out to take a picture for the first time in 12 days since the colorful weekend on Rich Mountain, and I got these images of a westbound New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway train crossing the Harvey Canal.

This location is personal to me; I am standing across the street from the approximate or exact location of the home of my great-great-grandfather William Burbach Sr., and his son Willie – my great-grandmother’s brother – worked the locks of the canal over which the train is passing.

The bridge was jointly used by the Texas & Pacific Railway and its successors and the Southern Pacific Railway; the existing track is the ex-T&P track, and the gravely area paralleling it on this side of it is the former SP right-of-way, which was relaid through the bridge in late 2014, as shown in my 10 October 2014 pictures.

These were not the only pictures that I took on this day.  I’d soon photograph a football game at the high-school.  I believe that it was at that time during the game that my friend The Mid-City Marine called to talk from Georgia, the first time that I heard his voice since the terrible Katrina that separated us.

Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow.


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