Warbonnet to Berwick and Beyond – 22 October 2005

by admin on 2015/10/22

Wow, October 2005 was certainly a photographically profligate time in my life, and there is still plenty yet to come, even after today’s pictures; at least partly because I don’t want to feel that all of that time, effort, gasoline, and opportunity costs back then were wasted, I seriously hope that you are benefiting from this look back at a period of my life in which I thought that all of this lonesome train-chasing was a good use of my precious resources.

On Saturday 22 October 2005, a fairly-clean Warbonnet locomotive leading a westbound afternoon train, great lighting, and the possession of a new telephoto lens (to replace the one that I foolishly lost in Salem Harbor a few weeks after buying it) all were excuses that I used to justify driving well over 100 miles and probably eating some fast food too.

We start at Schriever, where we meet our westbound train.  For ‘security’ and ‘privacy’ – perhaps political – reasons, I will not show the first images that I took of the train, but it apparently had to stop at the west siding switch, after which I was able to get this darkside shot of it at Horseshoe.

Well, for the aforementioned reasons combined with the fact that digital photography is still very new to me, and that this is the first autumn – the first “train season” – of my digital photography life, I am impelled to chase this train, aren’t I?  So, rightly or wrongly, smartly or dumbly, here we are more than 20 miles later at the Greenwood Bridge east of Morgan City.

That’s one of my least favorite of all of my traditional overhead views.

On to Berwick, the lighting was great, and this might have been the first time that I ever did this shot.

What makes this shot work so well is that the train is in the siding, making the shot less head-on, keeping those tree shadows on the mainline off of the train, and the part of the Berwick Bay Bridge seen in the back helps too.  Oh, and check out that CN cowl locomotive!

That should really have been enough, but it was not.  So, ridiculously, I must continue westward, driving approximately 30 miles to a new shot, one that I discovered somewhere around the border of St. Mary Parish and Iberia Parish, I don’t even know where.

It’s neat-looking, especially in that very-low-angle dusk glow.  Let’s have a look the other way as it passes, showing those neat old Burlington Northern hopper cars, back when such cars were still common.

Finally, that’s all for the afternoon, and it was time for a long, lonely ride back home.


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1 Charlie K. October 22, 2015 at 07:34

No favs here … they’re all good, Jim. – Charlie


2 Steve Boyko October 22, 2015 at 10:23

Fantastic warbonnet shots!


3 Jim Hurley October 22, 2015 at 20:21

The frame on the CN unit looks bent


4 Paul Ronczy October 23, 2015 at 07:43

If you were enjoying what you were doing at the time, it was not a waste of time and resources. Thanks for sharing your experience with us when you were starting out.


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